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RMIT students
Vincenzo Megna, Kate Mitchell, Marcus Pasihula, Daniel Smith, Justin Bernhaut & Lecturer Rowan Humphrey

photographer Brigid Healy
Catherine Clark and
Jacqueline Tonks prepare
the shoot in Heidi Knoepfli's studio





RMIT University
School of Creative Media

RMIT School of Creative Media was approached in August 1999 by Anna Monea to develop a multi-media presentation of , which would involve first year video production and photography students. Lecturer Rowan Humphrey, in conjunction with the Head of the Department Neil McMasters, expressed a strong interest and commitment to the students’ participation in the year long process of documenting this project. The documentation began in May 2000 and concluded in June 2001. This work can be viewed in extracts found on the site, via the Streaming Audio & Video page.

The focus of the students’ work initially was to record interviews with the collaborative team which involved poet Lisa Bellear, visual artists Sue Callanan and Heidi Knoepfli, composers Eve Duncan, Joseph Giovinazzo and Peter Myers, and creative producer Anna Monea. These interviews and images have become part of this web site. The second component of the documentation involved recording the artists’ work through the rehearsals leading into the performance of .

has provided a rare opportunity for media students to record and edit a multi media performance, which integrates music, text and visual art. The students have been required to implement this documentation through the more contemporary use of multi media, which involves audio and video streaming on the web site.

The documentation of involved:

    Rowan Humphrey
    RMIT Creative Media

    Video production students
    Kate Mitchell
    Catherine Clarke
    Yvonne Van Der Horst
    Mark Newman
    Jacqueline Tonks
    Marcus Pasihula
    Ola Sagin
    Massi Andrighetto
    Daniel King
    Vincenzo Megna
    Maryalla Skiba

    Photography students
    Justin Bernhaut
    Daniel Smith
    Vanessa Veacock
    Brigid Healy
    Renee Stamatis


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