Fri 6th to Sat 7th April 8pm


Visual artist: Sue Callanan
For me having other art forms brings in very different ways of looking and experiencing cultures. It is very much beyond just an intellectual understanding or a restatement of the timeline (of Federation). more>>

Visual artist: Heidi Knoepfli
This project is significant in that it is a unique opportunity for us to reflect and respond to our history and the one hundred years of Federation. more>>

Poet: Lisa Bellear
My research for this project highlights the lack of participation and input into the new Federal constitution. more>>
Composer: Joseph Giovinazzo
My particular emphasis within the project will be the issue of an Australian republic, seen as the inevitable consequence of a process of national identity started by the advent of Australia’s Federalisation. more>>

Composer: Eve Duncan
I think it is a very unusual project and quite subtle. I notice that the visual artists use shape a lot and composers use shape as well, and yet what shape does Federation have?

Composer: Peter Myers
I have endeavored to draw attention to the differences between Aboriginal and western attitudes to this land, differences that are fundamental to the many cultural conflicts that have occurred since the white invasion of this country. more>>

Creative Producer : Anna Monea
I imagined the project weaving through the personal and the historic, examining Federation from multiple perspectives. Intuitively I felt it would be a collaboration between composers and sculptors. The poetry followed quickly and it adds a deeper articulation. more>>


began as a collaboration between Koori poet Lisa Bellear, visual artists Sue Callanan and Heidi Knoepfli and composers Eve Duncan, Joseph Giovinazzo and Peter Myers and creative producer Anna Monea in April 2000. The project has spanned a twelve-month period and in that time the artists have researched Australia’s Federation extensively in order to form an understanding of the history and circumstances of the time and the ensuing hundred years. (May 2001 is the Centenary of Australia’s Federation.)

Hence in the deliberation of Australia’s nationhood the artists drew upon their research, personal heritage and spirit. And they stayed connected over the year through workshops, phone calls and email.

The aim for each of the artist was to create a new work in their particular art form, which would eventually become integrated into a performance piece combining contemporary classical music, visual art and poetry. The two visual artists took the collaboration further by working together and produced work, which wove throughout the other art forms.

This intensive process resulted in an integrated musical, visual and textual performance which occurred on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th April 2001 at the South Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne, Australia.



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