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The Australian National
Academy of Music

ABN: 18 067 405 190 was established in 1995 as a joint venture of the Commonwealth and Victorian governments and is a subsidiary company of the University of Melbourne.

Commonwealth funding is provided through the Federal Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts.

The Australian National Academy of Music is a national centre of excellence for the further development of musicians with outstanding talent, capability and dedication, and who aspire to significant national and international performing careers. The Australian National Academy of Music offers a vital element in the performance training of young elite Australian musicians through its Advanced Performance Program and its Mastercourse and Masterclass programs.

Participating Australian National Academy of Music student musicians:


Shaun Lee-Chen
From: Western Australia Age: 21

Anna Rogachevsky
From: Victoria
Age: 21

Adele Larner
From: New South Wales
Age: 23

Kristian Winther
From: ACT
Age: 16

Jessica Looi
From: South Australia
Age: 18

Marianne Broadfoot
From: Victoria
Age: 19


Michael Robertson
From: Victoria
Age: 23

Airlie Smart
From: Victoria
Age: 20


Timothy Willson
From: ACT
Age: 23

Linda Lin
From: Victoria
Age: 18

Rowena Crouch
From: New South Wales
Age: 21

Simon Cobcroft
From: Queensland
Age: 21

About – Student Reflections
"It's hugely important to think about this issue (Federation). As a generation it is important to consider our origins, historically what has happened to indigenous people and to include that point of view in the celebration of Federation.

"A sense of belonging is important to everyone. A project such as this gives you the chance to actually think about it and not only for yourself but in the broader context of society.

"We spend a lot of hours every day practising to perfect our playing. It's fantastic to be involved in a community project where we can use our skills to hopefully say something really positive.

"It's great to be working with such a broad range of people. We don't often get to work with dancers and poets. It's particularly exciting to be able to work with living composers. It really is a chance for us to branch out and do something we might not normally do.

"I hadn't really given Federation a lot of thought. However, this project has changed that. As a performer, I believe you need to understand what it is you are trying to say. In this instance I need to determine my thoughts about Federation, what it means and also think of the future."


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