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Warriors without Treaties
by Lisa Bellear

We are warriors, warriors, warriors
Warriors without treaties

We are here today, today, today
today, to fight as we travel
travel, travel within our
ancestors spirits, spirits, spirits

Alive today in the twenty-first
Century, just as was predicted.

Warriors, Warriors, Warriors
Warriors without treaties
And we are here to stay

We Are, We Are, We Are
Proud artistic angry warriors
Warriors, Warriors, Warriors
without treaties
we're here, here, still here still
here today, again.

Warriors without treaties
we are here, here, here still
jere today, again
laughing, laughing, laughing
laughing with our ancestors
spirits, spirits, spirits

Warriors, Warriors, Warriors
Warriors, We are here
To stay, to stay, to stay
The treaty, treaty, treaty
As our ancestors, ancestors, ancestors
sing throughout the hostile
winds, is just a speck, a speck,
a speck and a way forward, forward
forward to a new


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