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heidi knoepfli

portrait of heidi
Photo: Brigid Healy
RMIT Photography Student
Heidi is photographed in front of her sculpture True to its form.


Artist Statement
In my work I make references to religion, mythology and philosophy both eastern and western. I am responsive to the intersection of history, literature and psychology. I have a strong interest in architectural innovations and in historic and contemporary garden and fashion designs. I use elements from all of these in my work.

I use materials which I have a strong affinity such as: stone, wood, steel, glass, velvet, silk, feathers, flowers, grass, stocking, gold, fire and water. I arrange objects and materials in relation to each other as a writer would arrange words. In this process, I reflect on the deeper meaning of the material or the object itself and consider the placement and juxtaposition of texture, shape, design, color and symbolic meaning.


Photo: Brigid Healy
RMIT Photography Student



When you put the idea to me Anna. I was blown away. I thought it was crazy and wonderful – visual artists working together with composers and a poet, how unorthodox can you get - I loved it and I wanted to be part of it.

This project is significant in that it is a unique opportunity for us to reflect and respond to our history and the one hundred years of Federation. That’s why the project only made sense to me, if the six artists on board were all prepared to research and able to workshop the ideas together and tease out the complex issues of Federation and the history leading up to it. I definitely didn’t want a preconceived idea of the outcome of this project. I strongly felt that through the process of collaboration and workshopping of ideas we may come up with something fresh and relevant or highlight something new or unexpected.

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Photo: Brigid Healy
RMIT Photography Student
Thoughts on Federation
One hundred years of a Federated Australia
it takes courage to face this history
greed, self interest, blatant arrogance, self righteousness
were strong motivating forces
at the same time there were and are now
visionaries, humanist and decent human beings
who know what’s right and just
and are prepared to stand up for it.

My dedication is to the spirit that soars above ignorance and pettiness and to the spirit which never ceases to dream for a better and just world there is so much reason for optimism in this country because here, now, the people are dreaming this vision.

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Masters of Fine Art, Sculpture, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. (RMIT) Graduate Diploma of Education, Hawthorn Institute of Education
University of Melbourne
Bachelor of Art, Sculpture, Monash University
Psychology, University de Vincennes, Paris, (First Year)

Selected Group Exhibitions
40 exhibitions including:
1999 Span Gallery Melbourne
1999 Treasury Gardens City of Melbourne
1999 Linden Art Centre by invitation City of Port Phillip
1998 Royal Institute Of Technology RMIT Access Gallery,
1998 Royal Institute Of Technology RMIT Masters Preview
1997 Touring Exhibition; Ballarat, Bendigo, Warnambool Fine Art Gallery
1997 Grand Central, Melbourne
1997 Melbourne Fifth Contemporary Art Fair,
1996,1997 National Gallery of Victoria Access Gallery
1996 International Sculpture Event Toolangi Australia
1994,1995 Gasworks Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition,
1995 City of Melbourne Moomba Festival
1995 V.T.U Credit Union Arts Awards, Melbourne
1994 The Women’s Gallery Melbourne

1997-2000 Heidi is a member of Studio 106 - an artist run space, and has curated several exhibitions for other artists at Studio 106, Barkly Street, St Kilda, Melbourne.

Selected Collection
Private collections in Switzerland, Holland, Germany and UK.

The Age , ‘Everywhere Nothing’s Like Art Yakka‘, Robert Nelson. 11th September 1996 The Melbournian , ‘Art For Community Contemplation‘, Rosemary Etherton, Vol: 10 No: 2 October 1994 Australian Art Monthly, ‘A Democratic Showcase’, Ken Scarlet Pg. 35 Vol No: 75 November 1994

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