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  In Search of it’s True Form
Through a studio based approach I am exploring the intrinsic nature and form of the material and the architectural construct of the every day object/material. I am also reflecting and commenting on the psycho/social, cultural and corporal inscription of these objects and materials and in addition my response to them.
Classically Inspired
This body of work was a direct outcome of my studio research during my Masters. Finding the materials’ intrinsic form was what I was concerned with at the time. My studio was covered in vast quantities of white fabric for the final completion of True To it’s Form. This experience triggered strong images of classical Italian marble sculptures with its lavish draped figures. The thought that all this drapery was carved in marble was incomprehensible to me and so totally contrary to the task I set myself in my own work at that time.
I am alluding to the possibility that the extraordinary is simply ordinary. This is not a philosophical proposition to ponder over, for me it’s a truth, which must explode in one’s heart.
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  Veiled References
Veiled References
is a site specific installation commissioned for the Linden Gallery as part of the St Kilda Festival 1999. This work is the culmination of studio research undertaken as part of my Masters in Fine Art at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) My concern with this work was to find the inherent form in a material along with its psycho/social connotations.

National Gallery of Victoria
By addressing the issues of anorexia and bulimia through the series of works Plenty Denied, I am aiming to broaden the dialogue surrounding these sensitive issues. Suspended within the cage, is the allure of a silver tray with its serving of tempting yet inaccessible chocolates. These chocolates, sculpted into sensual, pouting forms, are intended to represent the affirmation of life. I am playing with the potent symbolism of chocolate as a sexual metaphor, as a seducer and as the "apex" of the food chain in terms of sensory intoxication.

The audience is tempted by the servings of chocolates, and yet is unable to reach them through the cage. We are given an insight into the mind frame of anorexia sufferers where Plenty Denied is the modus operandi.




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